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Biography of The Artist.

Ann Koziol has been creating masterpiece watercolors for over 40 years. Her work has been displayed in literally thousands of homes and galleries across the country. Born in 1945 in Santa Cruz, California, Ann studied Art at San Jose State. She is the mother of four children, and remains happily an artist living in Roswell, Mexico.

"She is truly one of the best watercolor artists of our time and has created a stlye all her own filled with vibrant color, and a creative energy that brings joy to all that look upon her work." Brace Hartwell

If you are lucky enough to own an Ann Koziol then you are one of the thousands who have beautified there home and life through this artist's lifelong dedication to her craft.

The online photo gallery is a only a tiny fingerprint of the many great wonders that have been created by Ann. Many Great Thanks to the single owner of the work displayed who has a very nice collection of Ann's work. We thank you for letting us display these works as pictures of Ann's originals go so fast and we have only just now joined the digital camera and internet world. Ann's son has helped her to create this website to showcase some of her amazing work. These images are not nearly the quality of the full size but at least capture the basic's.

To put it Simply, She has created and mastered her own Category of Watercolor Art:

"Great Art fills your home with positive energy."
Placing Art in your Life and on your walls in just one external variable within your control; other great home improvements include adding plants, loved ones, cups of tea, and my favorite...stretching for the body and mind through gentle exercise and meditation. Music is also wonderful and relaxing as sound can lead to true relaxation.

But most importantly..., if you truly love your home than add Art, it will make all the difference in your life.

My mother has provided this for me and I thank her"
Brace F. Hartwell III

The typical price for a raw, non framed Ann Koziol half size is $500 for a custom order and $750 for a full order. Most pieces are full size on rough watercolor paper. Ann recommends and guides you through the color complement process and choosing the right frame and mat for her pieces upon request. Ann has developed many solid relationships with art dealers and framers around the world who will work to match a perfect fitting a frame for you as well or you may choose to frame these convenient "Frame Freindly" paintings. Ann chooses to keep her sizes to convenient sizes for her buyers to matches the intensity and magnificence of her work and can connect you directly. To buy an Ann Koziol is to bring to your home and family something that will last as a family heirloom and source of joy for years and years to come.

Contact Details:
cell phone at (760) 936-2769

If you are interested in a house portrait or particular landscape, garden, etc. include a scanned image in your email. Enjoy the site, and enjoy art and life.

Brace Hartwell (Ann's Son)